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Meet the Founder

Marelize's strength is in numbers – it always has been! It keeps her brain active. The more complex the problem is, the more she loves it. Able to bridge the gap between accounting and customer, she builds strong relationships with all her customers. She is often referred to by her customers as “a breath of fresh air” and a safe place to talk openly about finances.

Her 30 years of experience covers many industries with the last five years working in accounting practices. 

Joining the card division of a high street bank after leaving school, she left after a few years to gain experience in the financial departments of commerce and industry. Her roles have included SME company accounts and regional branch accounts.

 “Qualified by experience”, she immigrated to England in 2017 and seeing the opportunity to study, set her heart on obtaining a recognised UK accounting qualification in 2019. A dedicated period ensued (loads of burning midnight oil) that enabled her to qualify as an accountant and register as a Licensed Accountant (MAAT) in January 2020.

Are you ready to get started?

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