How to Identify and Fix Weak Spots in Your System

Updated: Nov 11

Is your business not operating at maximum efficiency? Fortunately, some problems are easier to spot and fix than you think.

Systems, processes, operations, logistics – every one of these different departments can develop issues. As a business owner, you either oversee all of them yourself or the people responsible for them.

But even with a keen eye, it’s sometimes difficult to spot a problem early on. Let alone address it quickly.

That said, there’s a process that can set you up for improved performance in this area.

Create Clear Separation

Mixing your systems with operations or logistics is like mixing business with pleasure - it can create uncomfortable situations and confusion.

To have a better chance of spotting issues, create a clear separation between your departments.

Keep in mind that some functions may often overlap. For example, finances and sales or marketing and sales. But you will need a clear separation between them so that you can perform departmental-specific performance reviews.

Hold Meetings With Supervisors and Team Leaders

Once you have a successful business, you can’t run everything on your own anymore. You’ll need other people to assist you in marketing, sales, servicing clients, etc.<